Virtual Camp Session


Dear Almonters!


We invite you to join us for an abbreviated virtual camp session this year!  A great group of volunteers has come together to provide lectures, chapel sessions, video chats, and other camp activity based content.  We look forward to “seeing” you Wednesday, July 28th through Sunday, August 1st, as we come together virtually once more, to learn and engage with each other socially.


All content will be made available on the Almont Facebook page, though some of the video chats, chapel services, and lectures will be hosted on either RingCentral or Zoom with links posted on the Facebook page.  A detailed agenda will be coming soon!


Additionally, we will be holding a virtual Annual Meeting of the Almont New Church Assembly on Saturday, July 31st at 11 am EST.  We will be holding officer elections, approving next year’s budget, and approving new members.


If you are interested in joining the Almont New Church Association, please email Craig Carson at by Tuesday, July 27th, to ensure that your intentions are known ahead of the Annual Meeting.  Please note that all member dues are currently being waived, but if you join this year, you will be expected to pay the $5 entrance fee along with next year’s dues in order to be considered current for the 2022 Annual Meeting.


The officer positions that are up for election this year are listed below along with the current nominations for each position:

Treasurer:  July 2021-July 2023  (Abbreviated term due to skipped 2020 Annual Meeting)

 Nominees: Betsy Aldrich

Secretary:  July 2021-July 2023  (Abbreviated term due to skipped 2020 Annual Meeting)

 Nominees: Tammara Mounce

Trustee 2:  July 2021-July 2023  (Abbreviated term due to skipped 2020 Annual Meeting)

 Nominees: Jack Earls

Trustee 3:  July 2021-July 2024  (Normal term)

 Nominees: Rose Reberry


Nominations from the floor will be requested during the meeting.  Please keep in mind that per the ANCARC Constitution, current Trustees are not eligible for immediate re-election.


Lastly, I ask that you consider the time and effort that our volunteers are putting into providing this year’s virtual camp experience and consider making a donation to camp in return.  We are excitedly looking forward to welcoming everyone back to our physical camp facilities next year and your donations will help ensure that those facilities are well kept and ready!  Donations are accepted directly by our treasurer, Betsy Aldrich, or through the “Donate” option on our website,


Hurrah for the red, hurrah for the white!


The Almont Executive Board