School Age Housing

Children between the ages of 5 and 17 are housed in our dormitory.  The dorms are divided into a boys and girls wing, each wing is divided into three age groups. With special circumstances, people may delay entry or transitioning by one year, speak with the director for more information.

The littles are the age group (5-8) that reside in the little dorm.  Our smallest campers go to bed around 9, but need the help of parents and sponsors to get them ready for bed.  In addition, they need more supervision during meal time and activity time. 

The middles (9-12) reside in the Middle dorm.  While they are fairly independent, they still need to be cared for. They go to bed at 10 and parents and sponsors are expected to help the dorm parent ensure that there middle is doing what they need to do.  

The teens,  (13-17) a bit more independent, have a staff person beyond the dorm parents assigned to assist them with the planning and execution of there camp session. The teens have a group call the “Survivors.”  Each camp session, on Friday, the survivors induct new members through a day of games and fun.  That evening, they hold a solemn service and are officially welcomed as Almont Survivors.  This group runs a store at camp and sponsors a winter retreat throughout the year.  For more information on the teen program please speak with the Director or the Survivor Advisor.

Residents of the dorms do not have secured storage. School aged children should not store anything of value in their dorm room.  Almont is not responsible for lost or stolen items – leave expensive electronics at home!

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