While some snacks are available all day, the cooks serve 3 meals a day (buffet style) with a menu approved by a nutritionist. While not always possible, we do our best to accommodate people with a variety of dietary needs.  If you have any questions about dietary issues, please contact the director.

Flag Raising & Lowering:

We greet and end each day by singing and counting the campers present.


Our chapels introduce the theme or lesson of the day.  Usually around 15 minutes in length.


Each day, the campers who are over the age of 13 are required to attend our daily lecture.  The lecturers are most often ministers of the Swedenborgian Church, though we have had ministers from other denominations from time to time.  The lecturers present a lecture, which becomes the basis for the adult discussion groups to follow. 

Morning Classes:

The whole camp divides into various classes after the morning lecture/recreation time to discuss the lesson for the day.  The children receive age appropriate classes that teach Bible literacy and stories.  Junior High and High School aged campers have discussions based on the lecture, but focus on the issues of life and faith that are relevant for their age.  Adults also break up into discussion groups.

Rest Hour:

As part of a healthy approach to living, we take time to rest in the early afternoon.

Adult Afternoons:

For adults, the afternoon is a time to sit on the porch, play cards, or take walks down the dirt roads of the Michigan country side.  Several of the adults find great joy in helping watching kids or doing projects around them camp. 

Children’s Afternoons:

After Rest Hour, the children have a series of classes and activities at Almont.  Craft Classes, Recreation Class, and Swim Lessons take up the majority of the afternoon.  But the kids go get a little free time to swing and play games in the central field of the camp. 

Evening Activity:

The evening activity is an all camp activity.  One of the first activities is usually a campfire, but quickly the various housing groups (teen to adult) plan and run the activities, so you never know what you are going to get.

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