Staff Descriptions

Director:   The Director of Almont Summer School is responsible for the overall running of the camp session.    This entails the delegation and oversight of various aspects camp session planning.   The director is in charge of the daily operation of the camp session, including discipline.   Following camp, a review/evaluation of the camp session must be presented to the Sunday School Committee.  The Director is the chair of the Sunday School Committee.

Assistant Director: The Assistant Director is works with the Director in supervising the overall function of the camp.  In particular, the assistant director is responsible for preparing the bulletin and maintaining the camp mailing list and assists in staff recruitment and with dorm supervision.

Director’s Assistant:  Assist the Director as needed in the daily operation of the camp session.  The tasks of this position can include bell ringing and assisting with evening activities if needed. The Director's Assistant is only filled when all other neccessary positions have been filled. (half tuition) 

Registrar:  The registrar is responsible for receiving registrations, assigning rooms, and the collection of all necessary forms (giving any fees to the business manager.  The registrar sits on the Sunday School Committee ex officio.

Business Manager: The Business Manager is respoinsible for all camp accounts payable and recievable. The Business manager sits on the Sunday School Committee ex officio.

Nurse:  Qualification, education and training:  State of Michigan registered nurse or licensed practical nurse.   Line of authority: provide for the health care and first aid needs of campers   Oversee storage and administration of prescription drugs and medications.   Make arrangements for emergency health chare services and emergency transportation to health care facility.  Notify the director for prompt and responsive notification of campers’ parents or legal guardians in the event of an emergency.  Observe campers’ physical state.  Administer health center at camp including providing for temporary isolation of any camper suspected of having a contagious disease.  Screen arriving campers within the first 24 hours for:  (Full Tuition)

  1. The checking in of prescription drugs and medications
  2. Review of health history statements 
  3. Discussion of campers’ current health needs 
  4. Observation of the camper’s physical state 
  5. Maintaining camper’s medical records. 

Lecturer: The lecturer is responsible for the chapel service, morning lecture, and adult discussion group for their assigned day.  Moreover, the lecturer should be ready and available to critically engage in discussions of the camp theme (especially their area) with campers who desire to investigate the topic more fully. (Full Tuition + Travel)

Clergy:  All clergy working in staff positions are responsible for the spiritual care of the campers.   

Teachers: The teachers are responsible for the preparation and delivery of summer school lessons to their appropriate grade levels.  The teacher needs to keep in mind that the students may look to them out side of the classroom as well for both further discussion and aid in times of need.  TEACHERS GO BEYOND THE CLASSROOM. (half tuition) 

Dorm Parents: Dorm Parents are responsible for the safety and care of campers in the dorms.  The dorm parent sees that the dorm residents wake up in the morning, clean the dorms in the afternoon and go to be on time in the evening.   The dorm parent should observe and ensure the sponsors proper work with their sponsories.   Ultimately, the dorm parents are accountable to the director and camp for their dorm space. (Full Tuition)

Waterfront Director:  Qualification, education, training:  An adult who has satisfactorily completed training and certification equivalent to the requirements of the American National Red Cross manual #2161.  Lines of authority:  Select qualified aquatic observer staff (listed as Waterfront Assistant on staff list).  Maintain proper staff to swimmers ratio.  Delineate areas for advanced swimmers, intermediate swimmers and non-swimmers.  Provide lifesaving equipment to swim area which includes:  1. a whistle or other audible signal device, 2. an assist pole, 3. a ring buoy, rescue tube or other appropriate floatation device with a rope attached which is of sufficient length for the area, 4. a backboard, and 5. a first aid kit.  Classify each camper according to aquatic ability.  Provide a buddy system for supervising campers during an aquatic activity.  Provide a check-in, check-out system to the swimming area.  Oversee aquatic emergency plan which includes:  1, rescue procedure and frequency of drills, 2. camper accountability, 3. prompt evacuation, and 4. notification of outside emergency services.  Supervise watercraft usage. (Full Tuition + Honoraria)

Waterfront Assistant:  Qualification, education training:  Must be a minimum of 16 years of age and shall have satisfactorily completed training equivalent to requirements of the basic water safety course as set forth in American National Red Cross manual #321220.  Lines of authority:  Assist Waterfront Director in overseeing safety of campers during aquatic activities. (Full Tuition + Honoraria)

Arts & Crafts:  Provide craft ideas and obtain materials for craft sessions each day, Monday through Saturday, during camp session.  Middles crafts is from 2:15 – 3 pm, Littles crafts is from 3:15 to 4 pm, and Teen crafts is from 4:a5 to 5.  Also may facilitate crafts for interested adults. (Full Tuition)

Arts & Crafts Assistant:  Assist in facilitating craft sessions as needed. (Half Tuition)

Afternoon Recreation:  Provide games and activities during camp session, Monday through Saturday, for different age groups.  Activities could include volleyball, soccer, baseball, tennis, basketball or other games.  Littles recreation time is 2:15 – 3 pm, Middles at 4:15 – 5 pm, and Teens  at 3:15 to 4 pm. (Full Tuition)

Evening Activities Coordinator:  Provide one evening activity following the evening chapel for campers.  Activities could include ideas such as:  scavenger hunt, water sports, joke night, Survivor hunt, banana hunt, campfire, movies, carnival, roller skating, skit night and hay ride.  Obtain needed assistants or staff for activity as well as needed materials. (half tuition) 

Teen Coordinator/Survivor Advisor:  Oversee the preparation and execution of official survivor meetings, elections, events and activities.  Oversee the survivor store: including supplies, sales staff, and budget.  (Full Tuition)

Safety Walker: The Safety walker is responsible for periodically walking the camp looking for hazardous situations (both campers and camp facilities).  Upon discoveries of note, the walker is to see that the potential for danger is reduced and report situation to the director. (1/2 Tuition)  

Dining Room Supervisor:  Oversee clean-up of dining room/kitchen areas following meal times.  Oversee set up of tables for following meal.  Select staff for dining room/kitchen clean-up.  Advise campers on table clean-up procedures.  Ensure adherence to state health standards. (Full Tuition)

Assistant Dining Room Supervisor:  Assist dining room supervisor in assigned duties as required. (Full Tuition)

Runners:  Assist in dish/utensil/facilities clean-up according to dining room supervisor’s direction.(1/2 Youth Tuition)

Child Care Supervisors: Supervise the Child Care workers overseeing the Oversee PRE-school through grade-school age children’s play activities during adult morning lecture time between the hours of 9:45 to 10:45 am, Monday through Saturday, during the camp session.  There must be at least 1 adult staff member for every 10 children. (1/2 Tuition)

Childcare Worker: Oversee PRE-school through grade-school age children’s play activities during adult morning lecture time between the hours of 9:45 to 10:45 am, Monday through Saturday, during the camp session. (1/2 Tuition) 

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