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Catestrophic Changes

2019 Summer Session

Work and Play: July 10th - 13th
Summer School: July 13th - July 21th

(Lectures Schedule)

Dear Campers,

This year our theme focuses on moments of big change in the Bible—catastrophic changes, time when the people in Scrip-ture had to deal with major shifts, losses, and decisions.

From the expulsion from paradise to the Tower of Babel, the Flood, the destruction of the temple, the death of Christ, and the battle sur-rounding Armageddon in the book of Revelation, we will examine stories of unprecedented upset. Swedenborg called these moments “vastations.” In modern times, we might call them by other names, like “future shock.” The basic idea is that at certain points in our lives, the things we have been holding onto cease to give us mean-ing. As in the clearing of a forest by fire, the old wood—the world as we understood it—is burned away, making room for new sprouts, new life to grow from the ashes.

This year at camp, we will take the theme one step further. We will also be asking ourselves about the very nature of Almont Summer School. What aspects of our camp experience need to be cleared away, and what sprouts are waiting to bring us new life? I hope you will join with us as we reconnect to consider our purpose and envi-sion what our camp can be in the future.

Camp cannot happen without help. We are always looking for peo-ple to assist and add their gifts to the mix by acting as staff. Because camp is a week earlier than normal (we begin on July 13!), we are hoping that people will both register early and volunteer ear-ly. Camp is not a physical place but a spirit—a spirit of giving and being together. I hope you will join us and participate fully in what is shaping up to be an engaging and transformative camp session. 



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