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We are a summer camp for all ages and people who seek to learn to live a heavenly life through living the golden rule!

Journeys in the Bible

2018 Summer Session

Work and Play: July 18th - 20th
Summer School: July 21rd - July 30th

(Lectures Schedule)

After the fall, I never thought this time would arrive. We have gone our separate ways and are worlds apart. When I think of you all, I daydream about people and places at camp, but destiny has spoken!  All the things are coming together, and someday soon we will greet each other with open arms!  After all these years, not only the young come to camp, all ages faithfully gather just the same way to make memories of a lifetime, even though it costs a few coins. We keep on runnin'. Still they ride—our campers—journey all the way to Almont to live and learn a message of love.  Together, through classes, play and conversations, we can grow to a higher place and make our camp a city of the angels.  The theme for this year’s session is “Journeys in the Bible.”  As we celebrate this concept, we are reminded that the various people in scripture are aspects of ourselves, from the formation of our self-identity to our ultimate goal of a deep and meaningful connection with God that lights up our lives.  Be good to yourself and don’t have a foolish heart, JOIN US anytime! Bring your mother, father, and ask the lonely to stay a while. Don’t stop believing!

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